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The Three Main Stages of IECQ Certification

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The Three Main Stages of IECQ Certification:

There are three main stages of IECQ certification. The first stage is Organization/ Process Approval, the second stage is Production Approval and the third stage is Maintaining IECQ Certification. There are seven types of approval and its corresponding certification standard. They are as below:

1. Manufacturer approval with ISO 9001.
2. Distributor approval with ISO 9001.
3. Independent Testing Laboratory approval with ISO/IEC 17025.
4. Specialist Contractor approval with ISO 9001.
5. Avionics/ OEM Manufacturer approval with IEC/TS 62239.
6. HSPM approval with IECQ QC 080000.
7. ESD approval with IEC 61340-5-1.

After finishing the first stage Manufacturer Approval, the manufacturer can perform the second stage. There are three kinds of approval for the stage. They are Qualification Approval, Capability Approval and Technology Approval. While finishing the Specialist Contractor Approval then the contractor can perform the second stage approval, i.e. Process Approval.

I.   Organization/Process Approval

In the IECQ System, as stated previously, each form of organization/process approval by a Certification Body can carry dual certification. A "Certificate of Approval" declares the type of activity that a participating manufacturer, distributor, independent testing laboratory, specialist contractor, avionics/OEM Manufacturer,  hazardous substances process management (HSPM) manufacturer or electrostatic discharge (ESD) process manufacturer is approved to conduct consistent with IECQ technical and other System-Wide requirements. Concurrently, the firms' quality system receive certification or registration to ISO 9001 standard, or in the case of test laboratories, to ISO/IEC 17025, avionics/OEM manufacturers to IEC/TS 62239, HSPM Approval to QC 080000 or ESD process to IEC 61340-5-1. At present, IECQ offers seven types of organization/process approvals.

(1) Manufacturer Approval

This approval is initially required of all applicant firms involved in manufacturing and, optionally, subcontracted processing of electronic components, piece parts or materials covered under the System.
For the manufacturer, approval means that the firm's organization and facilities comply with the System's requirements for the production and supply of electronic components, processes or materials covered by relevant specifications.

(2) Independent Testing Laboratory Approval

In order to gain approval, independent testing laboratories must demonstrate that their organizations and facilities comply with IECQ requirements for the competence of staff and adequacy of testing facilities, and for performing their functions under the System.

(3) Distributor Approval

Value-Added distributors, however, must also demonstrate compliance with certain requirements for manufacturer approval, as set forth in the IECQ rules.

(4) Specialist Contractor Approval

The specialist contractors shall demonstrate that their organizations compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001. PA may be granted after the specialist contractor has been granted organization approval.
A specialist contractor is eligible for PA when it has been established that its process or technical services and quality control methods covering a specific technology or activity, fulfill requirements of the appropriate PAS in the QC 001002-2 specification.

(5) Avionics / OEM Manufacturer Approval

The avionics / OEM manufacturers shall demonstrate that their organizations compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 or AS 9100, Avionics / OEM manufacturers must also demonstrate compliance with the requirements of IEC/TS 62239 Electronic Components Management Plans ( ECMP ) and IECQ 03-2.

(6) Hazardous Substance Process Management  (HSPM) Approval

For the IECQ System, manufacturers apply for hazardous substances process approval must demonstrate that their organizations satisfy the following standards: QC 080000 , Sony SS 00259, Directive 2002/95/EC, Directive 2002/96/EC and local environmental regulations and IECQ 03-5.

(7) Electrostatic Discharge Process Management (ESD) Approval

For the IECQ System, manufacturers apply for electrostatic discharge process approval must demonstrate that their processes compliance with the requirements of IEC 61340-5-1 and IECQ 03-2.

II. Production Approval

After manufacturers or specialist contractors meet requirements of IECQ rules and ISO 9001 and IECQ 03-3 for their quality systems and facilities, several alternatives are available for certifying their products, processes or services.

(1) Qualification Approval (QA)

This type approval is granted to all component producers who satisfy their respective CB, through testing and other verification criteria, that an individual component or range of components meets the assessment requirements of a detail specification.

(2)Capability Approval (CA)

Instead of the part-by-part (or range of parts) method used for the qualification approval option described above, the electronic component manufacturer may use CA to cover all components released which share common production processes and product characteristics within the manufacturer's declared limits of capability.

(3) Technology Approval (TA)

Technology approval signifies that an electronic component manufacturer practices those demanding principles of total quality management (TQM) that are appropriate to the firm's products.
The granting of a TA under the IECQ System means that the manufacturer :

(4) Process Approval (PA)

For manufacturers or HSPM manufacturers who wish to subcontract various stages of production to organizations approved under IECQ for such purposes. Process Approval (PA) of Specialist Contractors is the available mechanism.
An approved subcontracted supplier, known as a specialist contractor, must have first received approval of its quality system and facilities to the requirements of IECQ and ISO 9001.
Examples of specialist contractors, process activities or services include semiconductor wafer fabrication, integrated circuit assembly, capacitor anode formation, multi-chip module substrate manufacture, termination plating operations, design services, etc.

III. Maintaining IECQ Certification