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The Scope of the IECQ System

Electronic components items for IECQ System quality certification include :

I.Passive components:
Capacitors, fixed
Surge protective devices
Film resistor networks
Resistors. fixed
Filters, ceramic
Filters, surface acoustic wave(SAW)
Resonators, ceramic
Quartz crystal units
II.Active components:
Discrete semiconductor devices
Integrated circuits
Quartz crystal controlled oscillators
III.Film and hybrid film integrated circuits
IV.Electromechanical components :
Connectors, for frequencies below 3MHz, for use with printed boards
Connectors, for frequencies below 3MHz, rectangular
Connectors, for use in d.c. and low frequency analogue and in digital high-speed data applications
Connectors, radio frequency
Relays, electromechanical, all-or-nothing
Switches, electromechanical
Switches, keyboard
V. Electromagnetic components:
Cores, inductor and transformer
Transformers and inductors
Cores, of magnetically hard ferrite
VI. Electro-optic components:
Tubes, electronic
Liquid crystal and solid-state display devices
Fiber optic terminus sets
Fiber optic attenuators
Fiber optic branching devices
Fiber optic switches
Fiber optic isolators
Fiber optic mechanical splices and accessories
Fiber optic adaptors
Fiber optic passive components and cable assemblies
Fiber optic fan-outs
Connectors, for optical fibers and cables
VII.Wires and cables:
Cables for digital communication
Cables, radio frequency
Radio frequency and coaxial cable assemblies
VIII.Printed boards:
Printed boards
Base materials for printed boards
IX.Avionics / OEM Manufacturers