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Purpose of the IECQ System

The main purpose of the IECQ System is to assess the quality of an organization (includes OEMs) and production for participating countries according to the international specifications. IECQ qualified electronic components that are produced under IECQ product specification requirements in one member country and shipped to another member country do not undergo further testing. This facilitates international trade in the electronic components.

How the IECQ System Assures Product Quality and Reliability

After an organization has undergone certification of the IECQ Production Approval, it sells must have a Declaration of Conformity signed by the Designated Management Representative. Declaration of Conformity must meet the following basic conditions.

I The product's Detail Specification must be approved by the National Standards Organization and must meet the IECQ Generic Specification and Sectional Specification.
II Product tests including tests of electrical and mechanical characteristics, environment and reliability.
III Product inspections and measurements shall be completed under the supervision of the Certification Body.
IV Calibration of all instruments and equipment used for product tests are required to be traceable to national (or international) standards.